Blackberry Sleeve

February 12th, 2010 by laupre Leave a reply »

I made this sleeve for a friend who lost the case for his blackberry.

I used a sturdy black canvas for the fabric and some heavy weight interfacing to help protect the phone.

The strap that holds the phone in wraps around the back so he can put it on his belt if he wants to.

There’s also a slit on the side to¬†accommodate¬†the charging cable or the headphone jack.

One of my favorite things about the case is the magnetic closure I used for the strap. The blackberry turns itself off whenever the case is closed because it has a magnetic sensor under the keyboard.

He likes it.


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  1. Meg Susce says:

    Hello! I love this. I have a blackberry torch and my daughter’s dog has chewed up its case… twice. I fashioned one out of craft foam which works fine, but it is hard to sew: by hand, it tends to tear, and by machine, it slips about. I do have some canvas and will give this a try. Thanks for the idea. :) Meg

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