Big Flower Pin Cushion

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I decided to make a new large pin cushion for my sewing desk. I needed one that was big and heavy, one that I couldn’t lose or knock over accidentally.

I don’t know if I’m the only one who tends to lose things in the midst of a project, but I’d guess I’m not the only one with backups.   I’ve got a selection of scissors, multiple packages of needles, a spare pair of reading glasses, and a collection of pin cushions scattered about. (If however, you’re the kind of person with perfect organization who always know exactly where every supply is just play along for my benefit.)  Besides that, A quick and easy pin cushion project is just the thing for a blah rainy afternoon.

This is the cushion I created.  It’s a basic rectangle shape with a big flower on top.  I made it to fit inside this low, wide planter making it nearly impossible to lose!

After the jump I’ll share my technique for making the cushion and give a tutorial to make the petals for the flower.

It measures about 4″x6″

I then collected my basic sewing supplies (and backups), three fabrics (linens in brown, green, and tan) and a pencil holder to use as a circle template. (it happens to make a circle 3 1/2″ across)

From the tan linen I cut two rectangles about the same size as the planter and two circles using my template (not shown).  From the green and brown linen I cut 5 circles each, also using the template.

I then cut the circles in half and paired up the green and brown half circles, sewing along the curved edge.  I pinked the curved edge (to clip the curve for turning) then turned and pressed the 10 half circles.

In retrospect I realized that I could have waited until after I had sewn the circles together to cut them in half.  It may not have saved that much time but it sounds simpler to sew five circles than 1o half circles.

With my 10 turned half circles I began making my petal units.  I set five of the half circles green side up and five brown side up.  Then I folded the left corner over 1/3 of the way and pressed securely on each of the petal units.

I alternated the petal units into a circle on one of the rectangles of tan linen, adjusting them and moving them around until they fit together and looked just how I liked it.  Then i pinned each petal in place.

And secured the petals in place by using a zigzag stitch on my machine around the center of the “wreath” I created.

For the center of the flower I used the two circles of tan linen.  I simply sewed the full circles together, turned and stuffed the circle and then handstitched into place in the center of the flower.

The last step was to create the base of the pin cushion.  I used a 3″ wide strip of the brown linen and sewed it around the flower to the 4×6″ rectangular dimensions of the planter. I then added the second tan rectangle to be the bottom.  I turned and stuffed the box I just made and then hand stitched it closed.

Drop the pincushion into the planter, add some pins and there it is!


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