My First Finished Serged Project

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A couple of days ago I succumbed to an impulse buy and got myself a little serger.  It’s the Singer ProFinish that JoAnn’s had on sale this week.  I spent the first night I had it practicing threading it and playing with adjusting the tension for different fabrics.  I’m pretty happy with the machine.  It didn’t take me long to figure out how to thread it, and it seemed to work pretty well through all of the scraps of fabric I threw at it.  I gave it it’s first trial run with the task of reconstructing an extra large men’s shirt into a medium sized woman’s shirt (with a little extra cuteness).

Here’s a snap of the original shirt:


It’s just a basic, shapeless, men’s polo shirt in a nice, soft fabric.  I was especially drawn to the argyle print since I love argyle.  To this I added some raw knit fabric I had in my stash in a dark grey color.

_h105045I cut up the original shirt into my basic pattern pieces.  I used the full width of the bottom of the shirt and added some pleats to the front and some gathering to the back to match it up with the new, smaller waistline.  The sleeves were re-cut and attached with a little gather at the top.  I also replaced the wrist cuffs with some long cuffs made of the grey knit.  I made the yoke for the front out of the grey fabric, and made the ruffle by simply serging the edges of a strip of the knit and then folding it into place as I stitched it down with my regular machine.  I also added some shiny little black buttons for a little extra cute.


Here’s a shot to show the gathering in the back.

The serger really made it a quick and easy project.  I can’t wait to start my next serged item!


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