Arctic Blast 2008

December 29th, 2008 by laupre Leave a reply »

The news people called it “Arctic Blast 2008″. They sat in their studio all day (for two weeks) and gave us constant updates and clips of traffic cameras and the poor souls not lucky enough to sit behind the desk (Gee, Anna, it sure looks cold out there!) They chatted all day about closure updates, driving tips, viewer’s photos and emails, and the white socks the anchorman was wearing.

Poor Portland, so ill suited for somewhat serious snowfall fell victim to stuck cars, power outages, and impassable roadways. I stayed snuggled up at home, occasionally venturing forth for a brisk walk on difficult sidewalks. I watched clueless drivers spin their wheels ever faster with no hope of escaping a drift, and slipping and sliding through intersections, despite their chains. Portland, I understand why you don’t sell snowshovels, why you don’t have more than what? a dozen plows?… It just isn’t supposed to be like that here.

It started raining again, though. Big beautiful drops of rain that tore through the piles of slush and snow. Drop by drop they cleared my back porch, my driveway, and eventually my road (not a single plow would pass down this road). Once again I can see the lawns as green as ever. The temperatures rose up from their murky depths to a respectable 50 degrees and the snow continued to recede in an orderly, though sloppy, fashion. Once again I can don my rain boots and prepare myself for a hopefully unevental rest of the winter season. Rain, rain, and more rain.




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