About LauPre

I grew up in the midwest, on the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan.

I have had a passion for crafting since I was old enough to hold a needle. I like to try out all different kinds of arts and crafts, but sewing has long been my favorite. I’ve been creating things for friends and family for years and now I’m having a lot of fun sharing my handmade items with people all over. I am currently living in Portland, Oregon, and I am just in love with this city. Some of my favorite activities are photography, reading, embroidery, and biking.

I currently have an Etsy shop set up at LauPre.Etsy.com  and my own homepage at LauPre.com.  I love to take custom orders.  I am also a regular visitor and poster at Craftster.org (you have to love the free spirit of sharing there!)


  1. Five says:

    What’s your email address?!

  2. Emily says:

    I’ve been trying for ages to find/draft a pattern for a capelet like the one you made. I know half a dozen people on Craftster already asked, but do you have a pattern or tutorial you’d be willing to release? I’d understand if you didn’t want to, as I noticed you sold some on Etsy, but I beseech you to take pity on me. I’ve wasted quite a bit of time, money, and sanity trying to copy your design. What’s really bugging me is that it doesn’t seem like it should be all that complicated, but it never ends up fitting right.

  3. Jessica says:

    I just found your site yesterday and have gone through every one of your posts. I am in awe. I love how you don’t cut corners like many crafters, and how quickly you turn out such beautiful items.
    Thanks for sharing!
    - A fellow Portlander

  4. lorri-marie jenkins says:

    i am soooo loving your designs my friend…..i am from michigan on the lake huron side and now reside outside san francisco….thank goodnes…ha! i am going to make a couple muffs as soon as possible. i am in the process of making blankets for the homeless out of abandoned tee shirts….have made about ten and ten more to make…
    well…..thanks for sharing your gifts with others…..
    i too have an etsy shop….check it out….

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