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Cuddly Cousins

March 28th, 2008


Take a look at my little collection here of Cuddly Cousins (as it says on their ear tags).  This is just a little teaser to show some of my supplies for April’s Craftster Craft Challenge.  I am a frequent visitor at, and I cannot resist a good challenge, so I try to come up with something each month to submit.  This month’s challenge is #26 Dollar Store Challenge Round Two.  The challenge is to spend $10 at a dollar store and craft something fabulous and unexpected.  I made a special trip last week to the biggest dollar store in town and picked up these guys.  Wondering what I’m going to do with a pile of teddy bears?  You’ll just have to wait and see! (entries are due April 1st-5th)
This will be my third time entering a craftster challenge.

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