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Farewell, Paul

June 19th, 2009

Last October I captured some photos of this large caterpillar building it’s cocoon on out back porch.  I photoblogged the image on my Aminus3 page .  I started calling him paul after looking online at photos of moths and guessed he’d be a polyphemus because of his big green body.  Since then we’ve waited patiently for our little friend Paul to make an appearance.  It was a kind of running joke that he was a great roomate.  Never made a mess, was really quiet, that sort of thing.  It’d been so long we were starting to wonder if we’d ever see him (and if he did come out if we’d be lucky enough to see him before he flew off.)

Today we spotted him all big and mothy, having emergerd from his cocoon. check him out!



Each of his wings were about 3 inches long, giving him a pretty impressive 6 inch wingspan.


He hung around for a couple of hours and then disappeared, but won’t be forgotten.  Farewell, Paul!